Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Run For Japan : Race Review

While the world was busy helping out Japan after the tragic earthquake and tsunami hit them, I was contemplating on what can runners do to help, even in just our own little ways. Not for long, this event came up on the Takbo.PH forum. I guess everyone got the same thinking as mine. With just a few weeks of preparation all system was ready to go for a run for good cause!

What's Hot ?
  • Good cause! Helping the country that was hit by such a great catastrophe gives pride to runners who participated in the event. Based on the initial report, PHP500,000.00 was donated to the Japanese Red Cross. Way to go runners!
  • Festive atmosphere. Japanese songs paying on the air, hyper active hosts and "cosplayers" around.
  • Hydration was overflowing. Water and  Pocari Sweat never failed the runners.
  • Marshals and traffic management were enough.
  • Medical personnel were visible in the area.
  • Mobile showers was indeed a great PLUS!
What's Not ?
  • Crowding at some points in the route. I must admit that with the great turn out , this is hard to avoid. Aside from the merging of 3Ks,5Ks and 10K runners, the area near the Energy Center is causing major headache not only for the Run For Japan for some other big events before such as KOTR.  The lead pack of 10K'ers did not have a clear path on the way back because the legions of 5K'ers were eating the whole road. Wave starts could also be of  help.
  • Complete race results as mentioned on forums and before the race will not be published. I know this run is for a good cause but since I am evaluating the race, I have to say the race results could have been a required.
The Verdict

The  organizers needs commendation for organizing such an event. With just a few weeks of preparation, the result was indeed more than what I expected. With just a minimal fee and most of it will go as donation, the event was indeed a success. Will there be events similar to this in the future? I hope runners and organizers will continue doing this fun run events for a great great cause.



  1. it was my and my husband's first 5k run(running 3k before). we were waiting and browsing the net from the day we get back home from the race, up to this day, hoping they will release a race result. pinoy fitness stated that race results will be posted to their site. we wanted a baseline record for 5k to beat PRs the next run, so we can move on to 10k then. (sigh)

  2. @desperatedaughter : hi! thank you for visiting my blog. unfortunately, i think the results will not be released. i did not notice any one taking each runners time at the finish line. if I may suggest, a watch with stop watch and split times feature will be a big help not only on keeping track of your time during a race event but more importantly during your training runs :) keep on running!