Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One Year Into Running and Counting

A year ago, I was just a happy runner finishing his first 10K with a decent time. A year ago I was just a runner who runs for fun and for the singlet. A year ago, I was just a happy runner who don't have any training plans, what I know was the word "practice". A year ago, I run my first 10K  that lighted up my desire to run even more.

For the record, I registered for my first running event last 2009, the Earth Day Run. I did not start, I was not even in the race venue. Then came the Mizuno Infinity Run, office pressure got the best of me and I ended up registering for another 5K event. With no training or practice, we run a 5K  to have fun. I had blisters but no other injuries. That was the end of running for me, I made no move to follow it up with another event. Aside from occasional running at UP Diliman every other week or so, running was not in my book of plans. Thus, I never consider 2009 as my official start in running. Then came 2010, the running boom started to get into my nerves. However, some of the big events like Condura Run, Globe Run for Home, Century Tuna Run and Run United passed by. April came and I have not have any race event to start the year. I again planned for Mizuno Infinity Run or the Earth Day Run , unfortunately it was too close the event and the registration was closed. Desperate enough to join any race, I opted for the Slimmers World Run. Doing a 5k was the original plan but upon considering the fact that 5 rounds at the UPD academic oval is already 11K, I end up registering for 10K. After crossing the finish line, I knew it was a start of something more. So as the story goes, the rest is history.

With a total of 3 5k's , 8 10K's , a 15K , 2 16k's, 7 21K's  and more or less 840 kilometers logged, I am officially 1 year into running. Nothing extraordinary about it, it just feels great. What better way to celebrate it than to join the Run for Japan event and pacing a friend who has been one of the biggest influence why I started running. A great cause for a run and a great run with a good friend. Happy 1 year to myself!

Expecting a full year ahead and more running to come. A possible marathon or even beyond on the plans. No need to force it. I will stand on my belief that "you can only run a race that your training time can afford".  A 5K or 10K is affordable, 21K needs an extra effort but a 42K or even more needs an extra effort and extra free time. I do need to work , not only to pay for the registration but for more important things like supporting a family, saving for the future  and saving for a planned annulment proceeding :) Regardless on what distances I will conquer and how much mileage will I earn for the next years, the most important thing is maintaining a good health and living a healthy life.

See you on the road. fellow runners !

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