Saturday, January 24, 2015

So Far, So Good

Filled with my desire to start running again, I motivated myself a few weeks ago.  Not that I bought a new running shoes , a new apparel or a new gadget, I just told myself I need to run again. So far , so good.  For the past two weeks I have logged probably 9 kilometers of road running. Too little , you would say, but for me it is a good start. Knowing that the weather has never been that cooperative. Two of my runs were both on frigid conditions, lower twenties ( 20F ) if I may add. Good thing, I got all the needed gears to run on winter. I plan to  continue doing these small runs as a progression until I find my groove and start racking up miles again. For now a simple 5K run once or twice a week would be very satisfying.

What is the next step? I have not figured it out. But definitely I should start looking for a good race. Perhaps a 3.2 miler this February. For now, I'll enjoy my little runs and if I see a good progress, I might sign up for a race. One more thing thats encouraging - the concept of muscle memory is indeed true.  The speed is there, but the endurance and the overall fitness is nowhere where I want it to be. I run, I walk, I stop to catch my breathe. Nothing to be disappointed with. I'll be there and getting out just to get some run is the first step.

Friday, January 9, 2015

My Running Slump

Its been months since I last ran on the road. I have been a lazy couch potato. Blame the weather, blame me, blame my work and my time management. I have watched my motivation to run slip away just like that. The last race I attended was the BAA 10K in Boston last July 2014. Ever since then I have been busy shying away from running. I know I need to start somehow, I know I need to break out of this slump, I know I need to run. How ? When ? Why ? I need to figure out. I used to motivate myself by the sight of new shoes or a running gadget. However, even those has not been effective lately. To push myself, I have to sign up for a race to keep my training in check. Again, even that has lost its power. But I know I need to run. I feel the urge to run. I just cant get my mind to tell my body to start running again.

I will try to push my myself more and I will start it with this post. Hopefully, my desire to conquer the road again will jump start. It may not be now but sooner than what I expected to. Now let me lay down my plans, my only plan.....just go out there and run.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Twin Lights Half Marathon : Race Review

Twin Lights
The Twin Lights Half Marathon is my first 13.1 mile run for this year. It was held in Gloucester, Massachusetts, just at the north side of the harbor and famous for the movie, The Perfect Storm. The breathtaking view of the shore plus the friendly town atmosphere makes it a good location for  any running event.

Similar to all the events I joined here in Mass, I always go for the online registration and similar to other events race kit pickups are scheduled during the event itself. The race was scheduled to start at 9:00 AM on a fine sunny yet cold morning of May 5. Race kit pickups are open from 7:00 AM to 8:45 PM. Contrary to what was on the original schedule, the walkers category did not start at 8:45 , rather, they joined the runners at the start line.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

33rd Annual Boston Tune-Up 15K : Race Review

Race events need not to be overshadowed by the commercially-motivated gimmicks and freebies. The best race events are those that connects directly to each and every runner and the running community. These are some of the valuable things I have learned so far with the few races I have joined in Massachussetts. Yes , they are not widely hyped and smaller that what I was accustomed to. No celebrity endorsements nor flashing fireworks, just good old race events.

PPS Takbo para sa Kabataang Pinoy

An invitation came through my mail about a tuesday afternoon run. Race events were always scheduled on a weekend, this one made  it special by doing it on a weekday.  If you have  time and you are near the area, maybe this race is worth trying. Its summer time and kids are on vacation, this maybe a perfect ways to spend time with them.

33rd Annual Boston Tune-Up 15K Race Results

The results are now available at Click HERE for the direct link.

The pictures to this event is also available at THIS SITE courtesy of Ted Tyler.