Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hyundai Run for a Cause : Race Review

Originally advertised as the Hyundai Accent Fun Run, the Hyundai Run for a Cause was the first free big event for the year. When I say free, i mean FREE REGISTRATION. From a conservative estimate of less than 2000 runners, the number of registrants skyrocketed to almost 30000! Quite skeptical at first , thinking that a free race with almost 30000 registrants would be chaotic. Thoughts on hydration, safety and crowding became more of a concern when we claimed our race kits. Queuing for almost 2.5 hours just for the kit turned out to be a disappointment  adding the fact that the claiming was not that organized. But the forums received mix reviews, some were happy and commented that the process was quite fast, others were a bit disappointed and some just don't want to complain because it is free anyway. Amidst all this skepticism, I decided to join anyway. The idea of being a part of this first free big running event and the thought of pacing a friend who will be running his first 10K took the better side of me.

Race Details

When   : April 2, 2011
Where  : Quirino Grandstand / Roxas Blvd.
Time : 5:00AM onwards
Categories : 10K /  5K
Weather : Not too hot / Not too cold

What's Hot ?
  • Free Registration ! Yes, it's totally free.
  • Free Singlet ! Added bonus is the design and material used in the singlet.
  • With Timing Chip ! For a free registration , I never expected a timing chip to come with the kit. I even envisioned a "time-your-own" race since there were no prizes for the winners. Well, I was wrong. Hyundai provided what other non-free race can not provide, an automated timing chip.
  • Online registration. Inspite of the minor glitches during the start of the registration, the online facility provided a more accessible way of registration. This eliminates the hustle of going to a registration site.For a free race this is cool!
  • Nice venue. The race was originally scheduled at Bonifacio Global City, but due to the influx of runners, it was transferred at Quirino Grandstand in Roxas Boulevard. Despite some initial naysayers, the chjange of venue was a good move on the part of the organizers. BGC could not have handled the high volume of runners , Roxas Boulevard was spacious enough to meet the demand.
  • Good route. I used the word "good" and not "challenging" , this means the route was a perfect ground for beginners and for PR (Personal Record ) breakers. Why?  Except for the single flyover , the route was literally a flat route! Add the fact that it did not have numerous turn around points. Despite the light pollution in the area, it was still conducive for running and the sight of Manila Bay is still refreshing.
  • Race marshals are all over the area. Not only were they positioned strategically, they acted as human pylons!Every 1+ meter, there is a marshal  not only standing but most often times cheering. Now this is a first for Hyundai!
  • Hydration is overflowing. I never expected this to happen, I brought my own hydration just to make sure. It turns out that I was wrong. Hyundai marked purified water in PET bottles are overflowing. What else can you ask for?
  • Fast result. Just a  couple of days after the race, the results are up.
  • Photography in the air! ActiveMoments made it sure that the event won't pass without tons of images for each and every runners.
What's Not?

  • Claiming of race kits. I should not complain, it is free anyway. This is just to inform Hyundai so that they can improve. I don't have an idea on how it was like on other claiming areas , but in Hyundai BGC the procedure was a bit disorganized during the first day. None the less I believe the process went smoother as they learn how to better manage the claiming procedure.
The Verdict.

While there has been clamors on the ever rising registration fees for race events, Hyundai went against the flow and offered a free race ! Not only a free race but a very successful race indeed. Who would expect a timing chip and more than enough hydration for a free race? Hyundai made a statement and they lived up to the hype. All in all a successful event with a noble cause. I am excited for the next Hyundai run.


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