Sunday, March 27, 2011

Run United 1 2011 : Race Review

The trilogy has started again for year 2011.  The Run United 1 2011 is the first installment of the run trilogy for RunRio. Like last year, the event  is one of the much awaited races to start off the year. RunRio, being one of the premiere race organizer in the country today, promised a new overall experience and they started it right with a new RunRio theme song “Running For Love”, which targeted each runners during the event. Unfortunately, until now, the song is not yet available for download.  So how did the Run United 1 2011 fair in Trashvins’ own opinionated standard? Read on.

The Route.

The  BGC route is turning out to be boring as most of the races are held there. Nonetheless, this does not affect the over all quality of the route, the flats, hills and flyover challenge seems to still have its challenge. For this race, the dreaded Bayani Road segment is taken out because of the on-going  road works in the area, thus, runners were treated with a greater segment of flats in the Buendia area. Traffic management, like any RunRio event, is still at its best. The problem of congestion was only experienced during the start of the race. All in all, a very nice and accurate route for a great event.

Running Experience.

Anyone who runs on RunRio events know  how well the essentials are provided. Great hydration as usual. Bananas stations and sponge are given away. Ambulance visibility gives runner a sense of security and safety. Kilometers were not complete but were sufficient enough for runners to determine where they are and how far away is the finish line. Runners were treated the most comfortable run by letting them focus on their performance and not to worry much about the other factors because they are providing it. I could say, the event  proved to be a valid measurement of what a good race should be.

The Pre/Post Events.

RunRio never failed to provide a good pre/post race event. The pre event was complete with all the necessary things that it should provide ( route information, warm ups etc…) . The new Runrio theme was playing all over and giving the runners a taste of runners high. The post event was also commendable. Just finishing the race with your name on the big screen is already a plus. The awarding program is ok.


United Labs has always been generous on race events and this is no different. Freebies were given during the registration and after the race. The race kit comprised of a timing tag and a very nice singlet. Did I mention about the finisher shirt for the 21K runners? See it for yourself.


If there is one thing that stands out on this event is the passion of the organizer to try new things and technology to mke the overall experience a better one. RunRio tapped BazuSports  to introduced innovation to the event. Though not perfect on this event, I see a lot of potential to the partnership. Talk about  “firsts” on  Philippine running  such as Facebook integration and SMS results. These are just some of the few things, once perfected, will improve every runners experience. The other aspects of the race was , as usual, well managed and organized. RunRio proved that they are , indeed , still the  prime race organizer in the country.


Run United 1 2011 remained consistent with the previous Run United events. United Labs remained to be consistent with the quality of event they sponsor. RunRio remained consistent with providing the best races today.  With these, I will remain consistent of supporting / running on RunRio trilogy events in the  the future.

Overall Rating.

Finishers Medal

Finishing my 7th half marathon.

With the Six:30 mamaws, Hendy and Louie

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