Saturday, February 5, 2011

1st Adination 5th Sunday Run : Race Review

Fun runs should be fun as the name implies. It does not need to be a high profile event with thousands of participants. The 1st Adination of Runners (aNR) 5th Sunday run is a good example of what a fun run really is. The event was organized by the Adidas running community ( Adination of Runners or aNR ) . This will  be a series of events every 5th sunday of the month leading to this years Adidas King of the Road 2011.  The event featured a 5K fun run, 5K race where aNR groups can compete and a 5K relay. Being a part of aNR UP, I was part of this one of a kind event that was held at Newport City , Pasay. Here is my brief review of the event.

The Route.

Newport City at Pasay is something new to me. It was my first time to run at the area. Unlike Bonifacio Global City, the route is almost a flat route with only a single uphill and downhill section. The 5K route composed of a double loop around the area.  Air quality is good within the compound, but it gets worse as it hits the major road. The distance was accurate. As far as the 5K route is concern, I am giving it a 3.5 out of 5.

The Run.

It was my first race for the year and the experience was overwhelming. It was fun to see a lot of familiar faces around and the festivity is high because of the competition between aNR groups.  Road signs was all over the place. Marshalls did a great job controlling traffic. Hydration is enough and medical aids are visible around the area. The 5K race and relays were also organized and all had fun joining the event. A perfect 5 for this category.

The Pre/Post Event.

Three letters to describe the pre/post event, WOW. Right from the start , you sense a good and fun atmosphere. Since members have their own group to cheer for,  the energy of competition was in the air. The pre event was organized and complete with warm up exercises. The post event was even better; with each aNR group giving a big cheer everytime their group wins a category or a prize from the raffle draw.  Everything went perfectly fine and it could have been better if the post event was held  near the start/finish line and not in the hot indoor parking lot . Thus, a 4.5 out of 5 for this event.

The Freebies/Kits.

For a PHP50.00 registration, never expect freebies and race kits to be great. The registration came with a bib and a number of add ons. The add-ons includes a breakfast and a loot bag. The breakfast was a simple bread+egg+banana meal and the loot bag was almost merely a paper bag. What was great was a 20% discount on  adidias running gears at Adidas Resort World store. Great raffle items were also given, unluckily, I did not get any. I am giving a perfect 5 for this category.

The Organizers.

If I am not mistaken, Takbo.PH played a major role in this event. It is another example of an event where runners are part of the organizing body. This means, they know what their fellow runners want in a race. The event did not fail the participants. Everyone went home with a smile in their face. A perfect 5 gain for this category.

My Conclusion.

The 1st Adination 5th Sunday run is a great way to start the year. It is a simple fun run with a blast. Runners need were provided and a little more. As I mentioned before, this event is indeed a fun run. Add the 5K race and 5K relay to it and you have a wonderful event. The competition between aNR groups made it more fun and energetic. Looking forward for the next Adination 5th Sunday run on May.

Overall Rating.


Nearing the finishline ( image courtesy of KB )
aNR UP ( image courtesy of KB )
Six:30 in the house  ( image courtesy of KB )

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