Thursday, December 2, 2010

Run United 2 : Race Review

The  Run United 2 is the third of the RunRio Trilogy for 2010. A much awaited event from  probably the best run event organizer this year,  RunRio. Similar to the previous RunRio Trilogy, the event was held at Bonifacio Global City. Since this is the last of the three runs, it was held for two days, November 20 and November 21. Here is my review on probably the best race event for 2010.

The Route.

The event made use of the variety of possible routes around Bonifacio Global City. I must admit that most of my runs were held in BGC, thus I have an idea what roads are challenging and which roads are a big “ no-no”. The good thing about it is that RunRio knows them too. The result, therefore, is a combination of flat routes and uphill/downhill roads that made it challenging.  The route information was also provided several weeks prior to the race and more importantly, the distance were accurate. For this, I am handing a perfect 5 for the route.

The Run.

Nothing beats RunRio events in terms of the attention they give to the essentials in a race. The run was overall smooth, minimal clogging of runners at some turn around points especially where different categories meet. Its also a good thing that the organizers  made it a two day event, thus,  minimizing the possibilities of crowding because of the large amount of runners flooding the street. Hydration was superb, long tables were provided to accommodate runners efficiently. Stations were provided at every 1.5km and there was no shortage even on the last kilometer of the 21K route. Bananas and cold sponge were also provided to runners on some categories.  Ambulance was also visible and race marshals are visible on most part of the routes. Did I mention that your name is also displayed on the widescreen as you cross the finish line? Thus, another 5 for this.

The Pre/Post Events.

This is another plus to the event. Baggage counter is organized, no queuing and no lost bag were reported. The pre event program was also a good one, another thing that we see in most RunRio events. Warmups and big screen display on the route and countdown is deserves a thumbs up. The post event was also one of a kind. Distribution of loot bags and drinks was  hassle free, some staffs were also roaming aound the event area to give the bags and drinks, no need to line up. The rest nest that was provided was great, I enjoyed staying in there, freshening up while drinking the free pineapple juice.  The awarding ceremony was also good. Another 5 for this one.

The Kits/Freebies.

Thank you to Unilab for providing nice freebies during  the registration and after the race itself. No to mention the other freebies that were given away after the race and the discount coupon for  New Balance products on some selected stores. The race kit is also commendable, an accurate timing device using D-Tag technology and a nice/comfy  singlet to go with it. Another perfect score for this criteria.

The Organizer.

Kudos to RunRio for delivering what was expected. The marshals were not smiling but were efficient on their job. The big disappointment of course was the release of singlets. None the less, Coach Rio dela Cruz made an apology and tried to make it up for the brouhahahas. For this, I am giving them a 4.5.

My Conclusion.

My review was based on day 1 of the event but I believe these observations are true also to day 2.  With all the praises and good reviews that floated around for this race, we can only conclude that runners knows what races are commendable and what races are forgettable regardless of the registration fees.  The event is a great example what a good tandem of an organizer and a sponsor can deliver. RunRio is a remarkable race event organizer and Unilab is indeed a great sponsor. If only other races learn something from this race then we can only expect thousands of happy runners every end of a race.

Overall Rating:

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Sulyap sa Ulap moment
Medal and Bib

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