Saturday, July 17, 2010

Running indoors and in the rain

This morning, I was to attend an acquaintance run organized by the 60:30 UP running group at UP  Diliman oval. Unfortunately, sleep got the best of me, so I ended up sleeping till 9 in the morning! So I missed the great GA, with 30 runners showing up. That could have been fun, but sleeping was better to start my day.  I settled for an easy afternoon run instead, to make up for the lost time. Initially, I was making a choice between UP Diliman and Marikina Sports Center. For reasons I do not know, I ended up riding an FX taking the Marikina route.

So there I was, 6:30 in the evening, preparing to start my first run around the oval with an MP3 player. Yes, I usually run with minimal equipment to decorate me, just my  watch actually. Just when my feet is all excited to set foot on the oval, that darn rain starts falling, If it’s a drizzle, I could have braved it, but it was heavy.  Disappointed, I ended up waiting below the bleachers hoping the rain would stop before my patience fades. I was willing to wait just to be able to run today.

Some runners that came even earlier and have started running earlier than me are also in the wait. Unable to refrain the itch, some started running within the shaded area of the gym where indoor sports are being held. I was hesitant at first,  knowing that the route is short, repetitive, boring and a lot of people are also in the place making it difficult to run at faster pace. But after seeing some runners enjoying it and instead of wasting my time waiting for the rain to stop, I started running just like others. Good thing, I have  music playing in my ear to keep me off from stopping as the repetitive route took its boring stage. Thirty minutes later, I am still running around the alley while some were sitting and others are joyfully playing badminton.

The rain, the heavy rain I should stay, stopped at the 35 minute mark. While it is still drizzling, I opted to run in the oval. Besides, I already had a run before under heavy rains, and I enjoyed it. It was indeed refreshing, the view was better outside. A lot of  people were still in the venue, perhaps it was because of the ongoing american football game in the field (yes! american football in Marikina). What’s amusing is that the teams were in complete uniform, not just simple uniforms, read my lips, COMPLETE! Even the referees and lines men are in their uniform! Beat that..

After 100 minutes of continuous running, rain began to pour again and I had to stop. None the less, it was fun running indoors and in the rain. I did not have a distance tracking gadget so I was not able to track my actual mileage for the run. But given my previous experience on my first 15K run, I guess it would be safe to log a 13K-15k run considering the total time of the run.  If there was one thing I was more careful about during the run, it was on hydration. With the Milo incident still fresh in mind, I made sure I was hydrated well. 

To cap off  the 100 minute run, I ended up eating halo halo at Chowking J

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