Saturday, July 10, 2010

First Run

Now I am writing. Its been a while since I got my fingers gliding over my keyboard. Reason, I ran out of things to say, it  simply died down. This happens  to just about anyone, we sometimes wake up and so eager to do something, the next day we are on a slump. I guess work and other priorities shut my eyes off writing, or shall I say to most of the things I could have written about. 

One day I decided to try running. My thinking was simple, it would not hurt to join a fun run. It is for a cause and I don't need to shell out much to join. And, as most people would monotonously say, the rest is history.

I have been running for quite sometime now. It has opened a new dimension to my, needless to say, boring life and gave me new ideas to talk about , new reason to blog. Blogging is never a new hobby for me, I have been blogging , but not consistently, since 2005.  My first blog is still existing, though, it may not always be updated. With new thoughts and ideas to share I am starting this new blog, aptly titled, The Day I Tried to Run. 

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